I got a new camera a few months back and I've finally had time to sit down and look at some of the photos I've taken with it. I'm in a sharing mood. So without further ado, (basically) my summer vacation: 

 This Turtle is Making Me Thirsty.

Tree. Wind. Tree.

O. Getting Ready For His Future Career

I Love You Berry Much.

Oh Shit. Really?

OK... Let's.

Dear Ass...

Tree. Mirror. Tree

Nom. Nom.

Adequate Indeed.

Rattlesnake I Accidentally Pissed Off.

Fire. Man. Or Am I?


Le Québec brûle.

Enough Said.

Sun. Set. Sun.

Confused Lizard.

Firetruck In The Sky.

O and D.

The Natives Are Neither Restless Nor Impressed.

Set. Sun. Set.

Jesus. What Could Be That High Up?

I'm Not Berry Sure About This Anymore.

Sasquatch Made This Sign.

Veryy Hidden.

Luke Gage.


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